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I’ve been going through the strange and somewhat eye-opening process of interviewing for my first real legal job over the past two weeks. 

I expected many things from these two weeks, but I didn’t expect to get this life advice from a partner at an international law firm as we sat in from of his floor-to-ceiling windows, drinking Perrier, and gazing over DTLA: “If you follow your heart, it will all be okay. Your path will follow.” To that lawyer, I say thank you, not just for the view and the Perrier, but for the reminder to take a minute to reflect on what I actually want. Cheers to you, Mr. Lawyer.

How much do I want thee? Let me count the ways.

How much do I want thee? Let me count the ways.


Cartes des visites, Parisian prostitutes, c1925-35

(via millexmille)

Today on the train, a conversation springs up between two formerly unknown to each other men sitting in facing seats. One young, one old, just talking about neighborhoods. The grey-haired half gets off the train at an early stop, and a twenty-something woman replaces him in the seat. She has earbuds in. The conversation does not pick up.

The sound of Venice Beach:
Car alarm wailing
Thudding bass line from a Rihanna song
Marijuana dispensary hustlers trying to make a sale
Intermittent cheers from muscle beach
Crunchy mom talking to we kids as she feeds them edamame

I saw the girl with Alias-red hair again today. I forgot that, when you’re commuting, you start to see the same people every morning. She’s more dressed up today, with a polka dotted headband. I also noticed that she has an engagement ring on when she lifted her hand to put in an earbud.

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